Homework: Survey for older persons

Ask an "older person" (someone over 40) if they would be willing to volunteer their
thoughts regarding the following questions:

1. What do they now know that they wish they knew about the opposite sex
when they were in their twenties?

2. What "relationship mistakes" did they make in their twenties that, had they to
do it over again, they would avoid?

I will post their responses to our class wiki, and we will review their anonymous
comments and discuss them in class. Ask the respondent to include the last 4 digits
of your student ID so you will get the 5 points credit for this assignment (I will
remove this information before I post the comment to the wiki).

Ask the respondent to enter their responses at this web address:


Be sure to tell them that their responses will be confidential, and will be
posted anonymously on our class wiki.

Worth 5 points.